Production Planning Services

Get the Implementation Right

Applying production planning tools properly allows you to get reliable time and cost metrics. It is the cornerstone for receiving high quality products according to your baseline.


No issues for the implementation of your production project should be overlooked. From start to finish we offer comprehensive production planning services to put different types of production planning tools in your hands.

What are Production Planning Services?

Useful Services for Implementing Realistic Production Planning and Control

Production planning means the implementation of your production project. It is crucial to have production planning services in place ensuring that you are mitigating risks and providing the maximum value for your business. The planning phase for a production project reaches from supplier identification and sample development to the establishment of contracts. Production planning management is the subsequent stage of realizing a chosen manufacturing strategy that can be determined with production analytics services. The best beginning step is to use our production analytics services and the ideal way to conclude is with our post-production services. Our services are fully customized to fit your project requirements.

Ensure Reliable Results with Production Planning

A Production Planning System is About Implementing the Strategy for Your Goals

Production planning is at the core of every production project and outsourcing process. In contrast to our competitors, we have a highly structured production planning system in place with specialized procedures for each step. We don’t provide makeshift solutions that are the result of careless oversight and poor execution of production planning. All our professional services are clearly delineated from each other and allow you to get exactly the types of production planning and control tools you need.

Our Production Planning Services
Our Production Planning Management Covers Every Aspect for Implementing Any Manufacturing Strategy
Basic Production
Cost Estimate
Lead Time Assessment

The second of the most fundamental types of production planning services consist of adequate cost and time estimates. Especially for incomplete or insufficient cost estimates, sloppiness or unprofessional production planning tools can make your whole manufacturing project fail. Getting realistic and reliable prices avoids bad surprises. Learn More

The second most fundamental type of production planning services is lead time assessment. Proper production planning management makes sure that you are making your decisions based on a realistic time plan. This has to take all steps into consideration, from material and component procurement to logistics. Once lined out clearly, time-critical areas can be improved and watched closely. Learn More

Legal Production
Contract Negotiations
Due Diligence

You have to make sure that you transfer your agreement with the supplier into an enforceable contract. With our production planning management, you can assure that the compliance is regularly double checked and pressure applied if necessary. It is one of the easiest, yet most important production planning tools to mitigate risk. Learn More

Our due diligence service assesses the trustworthiness of a given company. With great scrutiny we make sure that you are dealing with a good and reliable supplier. For this purpose, we visit the location and do comprehensive background checks. Corporate and legal status are reviewed as well as certifications, industry regulations and transaction history. Learn More

Planning Test
Sample Procurement

Sample procurement serves as the basis for narrowing down potential suppliers as a production planning procedure. You should procure samples if you have a fairly standardized product, since it is a fast and easy way to verify the skills of given supplier. Samples should only be procured from promising suppliers to avoid wasting time. Learn More

Prototyping is important when you are interested in producing a customized OEM product. In this case, there are naturally no pre-made samples available. Often several specialized companies for different parts of the product have to be coordinated, since you also want to find the right suppliers for the following mass production. Learn More

Production Planning
Supplier Assessment

Our production planning system makes it easy to prevent risk associated with identifying the right supplier. A supplier assessment gives you an overview and evaluation of potential companies to work with. It is crucial for any manufacturing project, since contacting random suppliers is a risky approach and makes companies that promise most look best. Learn More

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