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How to Pick the Right Workout Apparel According to Your Routine

Enjoy these great tips on how to choose workout apparel depending on the workout routines you do inside the gym or when working out at home.


workout apparel

Poorly executed outfits can be a great hindrance to your workout routine. You don’t want to be dripping in sweat or constantly lowering down your shirt. Choosing the best workout apparel is so important for your daily exercise regime. 

You have to keep in mind your workout or gym clothes must be in accorda

nce to the type of workout routine you have or the kind of exercises you do. The post-workout feeling depends on the clothes you wear for it. Comfort is everything when working out and you don’t want anything fancy or lacy to wear. Simply wear whatever makes you feel comfortable.

workout apparel for women

Things to Look for in Workout Apparel

Here is the checklist for you to help you choose the right workout clothing. I also have a lot of tips for you at the end so make sure you read the article in full. All the things to keep in mind are listed below or visit this link for a different perspective.

Choose the Best Fabric

Select the best fabrics according to the type of routine you have. If you have a comparatively low-intensity workout routine that doesn’t cause a lot of sweat then you can go for cotton as fabric. A lot of clothing manufacturers produce cotton apparel which is why looking for one should not be a problem.

Hight intensity workouts result in a lot of sweat so avoid fabrics that accumulate moisture in them. Go for moisture-wicking materials such as nylon, spandex, bamboo, etc. Choose the fabric that acts as a barrier between your skin and the sun if you workout outside. 

Choose the Best Undergarments

I can’t stress enough the importance of good undergarment choices for your workout routines. Always choose moisture-wicking fabric for undergarments since they are closest to your body and they absorb sweat first. Underwear should be the one that provides the most support when it comes to sweating.

For women choosing the right sports bra, the goal is to pick a compression bra that is best for high impact workouts. Encapsulated bras are ideal if you have a bigger bust size as they have individual cups holding each breast.

Squat Test for Leggings

Look for tights or leggings that are not see-through. You don’t want people to have a sneak peek of your intimate parts while you squat. So when you are shopping for tights or leggings, always try them on in the fitting room and do a squat for you to see. You can easily find out if the tights are sheer by looking in the mirror.

Choose the Perfect Fit

Make sure your workout apparel are neither too tight nor loose. Wear them on and check if they are comfortable or too itchy or tight. Online shopping seems pretty convenient for people to shop but trust me you can only judge the pieces when you have them on your body. It is much better to opt for athletic clothing manufacturers with physical stores.

For high-intensity exercises or HIIT sessions, a top with cute straps wouldn’t be a great option. You can save it for doing yoga. Also, keep in mind your body type while looking for a gym or workout wear in your favorite sportswear manufacturer outlet.

Change Workout Clothes with Seasons

Workout clothes can also depend on the location you do your exercises. The weather in your area has a great effect if you are used to playing sports outside or workout outdoors. Different weather demands different things;

If the weather is hot and its summer season in your area, make sure you choose light and breathable fabric. Moisture-wicking or sweat-wicking fabrics are must-have for summers. Also, choose cool colors instead of dark ones.

Dressing up in layers for cold weather is a really good idea but make sure you don’t overdo it. Keep the inner layers of sweat-wicking materials. Cover your hands, feet, ears, and head and do not forget to wear some outer layer for protection during rainy and winter seasons.

Choose the Right Footwear

You have to be comfortable when you are running or jogging even when you are simply on a treadmill. Running or even walking can put a lot of stress on your feet so make sure you select the right size and fit for your shoes. You should go for running shoes or rubber shoes which are known for quality. Also, make sure they are in a snug fit so that they would be too tight for your feet when you run.

As for socks, choose the one that is made of nylon or wool because they don’t soak up moisture that easily. 

Outfit Ideas for Men and Women

Choosing outfits over undergarments is pretty easy for men. Honestly, you can wear something as simple as a shirt and sweat pants and you are good to go. You can tuck your shirt in your pants or shorts and can also wear a more fitted tank top if your routine includes a lot of stretching. Make sure your sweat pants stay at your ankles.

As for women, they can also wear shirts for tops. Other than that, you can wear a sports bra on its own too or try wearing a unitard that will provide you a lot of support and will not cause any problems. For pants, try long or short tights or catsuits. You can also wear sweat pants as long as you are comfortable. For plus-sized women, you can use this article for reference.

Some More Tips for Gym Wear

Here are some tips to help you more in choosing workout apparel:

  • Avoid pure or 100% cotton at all costs. It soaks up moisture pretty easily so you’ll have to deal with wet clothes during your workout.
  • Avoid very short shorts as they may ride up while doing certain types of exercises.
  • Women should wear the right size of a sports bra that provides a lot of support.
  • Use Capris for doing Yoga.
  • Always choose a shoe that is 1 inch longer from your longest toe.
  • Avoid loose pants and t-shirts as they bunch up.
  • The color of your outfits also matters. Choose red for high-intensity workouts and neutrals for more calm ones like yoga. 
  • Do not wear black if you sweat a lot. Only stick to whites and light colors.


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