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Types of Lingerie You Need to Know as an Underwear Clothing Line

Here are the different types of lingerie you need to know if you are into a specialized underwear business. The knowledge comes in handy to make your lingerie clothing line versatile when it comes to products.


types of lingerie

When you are starting your business of a clothing line that includes everything in women’s apparel, you need to know all the types of clothing as well as intimate wear items. Just intimate wear items and lingerie pieces alone can make a full business.  In this article, we have explained all possible types of lingerie items to include in your clothing line or as an underwear manufacturer.

different types of lingerie

Types of Lingerie

The following are the 14 types of lingerie explained according to their shapes and functions.

Lingerie Sets

Every woman has at least bought one of these for their lingerie collection. This includes the most basic items in women’s intimate wear i.e. bras and panties. They are color coordinated and may or may not have pretty designs and prints made on them. 

Men are also more likely to buy lingerie sets for their girlfriends and wives. This is the most basic and the most common type of lingerie you must include in your clothing line. These are sometimes laced and sometimes are made of solid colors in satin.


A corset is a type of undergarment especially made to give a slimmer looking waist. It cinches your waist giving bigger hips and bust. A corset can start from below the bust or over the bust area. It ends till the waist. Traditionally a corset is made of hard fabrics that help in achieving the perfect body shape and figure. 

They have been in the market for a long time now to wear underneath dresses to get those perfect curves. Now some fancy corsets are worn by women for their special nights with their partners as it gives them a sexy look.


These are loose-fitting undergarments made to cover the upper part of a woman’s body. These are a must-have in a woman’s closet. These are essentially designed for semi-sheer and sheer dresses for extra coverage. 

Wearing only a bra is not enough to have the perfect coverage under your sheer dresses. Colors like black, white, and nude are the staples. They are usually sold as a pair along with tap pants. This set is common as sleepwear among women.


A chemise is just like a short slip dress often worn by women underneath their clothes. It acts as a barrier between clothes and your body. It falls straight from shoulders to your hips. Giving you are straight shape. 

They are made of airy fabrics and can also be worn as sleepwear. Some of them are so stylish that you can wear them outside like a mini dress.


Bustiers are to boost your boobs. They have built-in padded bras that add into your bust while the lower part accentuates your waist area. People often get confused between corsets and bustiers. 

The difference is that corsets are meant to slim down one’s waist while bustiers are meant to boost one’s bust. They are strapless and are often worn as nighttime tops to amp up the bedtime mood. 

Teddies or Bodysuits

Also known as camiknickers, these are a type of lingerie that is all in one. It fits like a bodysuit or swimsuit but the material is usually very thin like lace. It fits the curves like a glove and is popular as a playtime outfit. The right styles can increase heat during bedtime. It is meant to enhance the natural shape of your body in the best way possible.

Night Gowns and Robes 

These are also very popular among women because of their style and elegance. Nightgowns are slightly longer than robes made of light garments and are separated from the middle. Ties are used to close the two sides together. Women often wear this while getting ready or to surprise their partner in the bedroom. 


Bras are a staple among lingerie items. There are many types of bras for different occasions. Some are strapless, some have spaghetti straps, some are padded and some are cupped. Women don’t need a single kind of bra instead they need different kinds to wear according to what they are wearing.


Women have to have panties to pair with their bras. They available in different styles such as briefs, thongs, knickers, and shorts. The choice for a woman depends upon her needs. Different styles and fabrics are meant to accentuate women’s intimate areas. Women’s underwear manufacturers design panties while keeping in mind the comfort levels and are best for regular use.


These are a type of bras that can be worn as tops outside. They do not have any added support to them and are ideal for women who have small busts. Bralettes are not wired and do not have pads in them. They just are made from light fabric like lace. They also add the perfect amount of sexy in everyday looks.


Baby doll dresses are Negligee types that are made of very light and flimsy garment that can be worn over your lingerie. This dress is cupped or padded in the bust area and falls free till the hips. It’s like a very airy mini dress. Negligee can be worn to increase the heat in the bedroom as it looks very sexy.


Similar to the camisoles and tap pants, rompers are also popular as sleepwear. They are a one-piece just like camisoles and pants joined together. They are available in many fabrics and are playtime approved. Rompers positively increase your sex appeal.

Bottom Line

There are also some other types available as well such as garters, garter or suspender belt, nipple covers, stocking, and pantyhose that are considered as lingerie items as well. You can also read these related articles for a different take on underwear and shape wear.

These are all the types of lingerie you should be knowledgeable about if you have a clothing line or if you want to start a clothing line. Women’s intimate wear has always been very significant in their closets and taking into account every popular piece will help you grow your business as an underwear manufacturer.

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