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Why Men’s Jockstraps have been Trending Lately

Men's jockstrap has been a lost fashionable clothing item until as of late when clothing manufacturers start to produce them again due to the growing trend. Get to know why men's jockstrap is back in fashion.


men's jockstrap

Men’s jockstraps have been here for years. Remember when guys used to wear pouched thongs during their gym classes. I have not seen men wearing them for a long time now. It was specifically worn by men who were into sports. However, it looks like jockstraps are here again for some good and interesting reasons. 

Just like men’s thongs, the old jockstraps have gone through many innovations to reach its latest stage. It is very interesting to see that jockstraps are trending in both men’s fashion and male intimate apparel.

Here, we are going to discuss some of the reasons why men’s jockstrap is back and why they have become the latest trend. Before that, for anyone who doesn’t know what jockstraps are, let us quickly know what jockstraps are and why you should wear it.

What are Jockstraps?

The jockstrap is a type of male undergarments similar to men’s thongs. It was made to protect male genitalia. Initially, men’s underwear manufacturers designed them cyclists to protect the boys from any damage. Shortly, the trend got into the whole sportswear as they protect male reproductive organs efficiently from any injury or strain.

A jockstrap usually consists of a waistband attached to a pouch to hold your genitals. Two straps are attached to the base of the pouch and the waistband at the hip area. Modern versions have pockets inside to hold abdominal guards or plastic cups for further protection in sports.

Why Wear a Jockstrap?

There are plenty of good reasons why you should wear a men’s jockstrap. Honestly, I am happy that the jockstrap trend is back and am pretty sure they are here to stay. Here are some benefits of wearing jockstraps:

  • They are very comfortable to wear, unlike some men’s thongs.
  • They are designed to hold your parts straight without any shifting.
  • Counters the impact of any strain or injury while playing any kind of sports.
  • The boys don’t rub along your thighs while wearing a jockstrap which prevents chafing.
  • It provides an aesthetic look and definition to your attire.
  • They are the perfect amount of sexy for when you are intimate with your partner.
  • Some believe jockstrap improves fertility by keeping the area cool.
  • Provides uphold even through vigorous physical activities.
  • You’ll feel a boost in your confidence.
  • You’ll have to do less laundry work as they are washed and dried quickly as designed by product manufacturing companies.

Reasons Why Jockstraps are Trending Again

Here are some reasons I came up with after my analysis to explain why the vanished men’s jockstraps are back in the trend.

They Look Super Sexy

Showing more skin is the new trend. They accentuate your genitals and look super sexy. They also offer great foreplay for a night with your partner.

The Trend of Sports and Gym

As sports and gym are great deals now, jockstraps are back and people are more familiar with them. Strenuous exercises have forced people into wearing jockstraps, and people are not mad about that at all.

Kink for Gay Men

Jockstraps are getting way more popular in the gay community. Sexy underwear is a big turn on for gay men. Jockstraps look good and enhance your parts down there. So, if you’re going on a date with one, surprise them with your sexy undies and they’ll surely be aroused.

Trend of Sportswear

Sportswear has been trending for a while now. From the gym to the lounge and streets, people are rocking sportswear everywhere. This is probably why underwear manufacturers are producing the long-lost sports jockstrap again. They are comfortable and is easy to be paired with.

Keeps Everything in Place

Everyone wants to be confident in whatever they wear, but sometimes your unsupported parts down there can drag your confidence down. Jockstraps hold everything in for longer periods than any other kind of underwear. They add to your sex appeal and make you more confident about yourself.

Different Styles for Different Aesthetics

Now, jockstraps are not coming in just one style like before. Sports jockstraps are designed differently to fit in the plastic cups for more protection. Various options are available for people looking for both support and fashion. Funky styles are also available for people with a vibrant taste.

People Take More Care of Their Balls

People are more concerned about their body parts now than before. Moreover, it is not a taboo anymore to talk about your private parts and your needs about them. People have been more interested to take extra care of their balls although they are quite tough on their own. But extra protection never hurts.

Final Words

These are all the things you should now about jockstraps and their trend at this time. I hope I have explained the reasons as to why men’s jockstraps have been trending lately. All in all, it is a great trend for more support and enhanced sex appeal. If you are not into jockstraps, then read here for a different option.

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