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12 Most Comfortable Men’s Underwear of 2020

This list sums up the best comfortable men's underwear of 2020 chosen based on its performance, customer feedback, market sales and excellent design. A buyer's guide of some sort.


comfortable men's underwear

A lot of men are having trouble finding comfortable underwear. If you think you cannot find comfortable and skin-like underwear, you are wrong!

Wearing underwear is way more beneficial than simply providing comfort. A pair of comfortable men’s underwear can boost up your confidence and can make you look sexually appealing. Whereas, not wearing any can cause infections and chafing due to constant rubbing if you are well-endowed in the crotch region. Other than that, a saggy bottom may cause serious confidence issues. 

Also, a nice pair of underwear would look way more romantic on a night with your partner, right? These two things are very important to keep in mind while buying underwear if you struggle in finding a comfortable one:

  • Style 
  • Fabric

Popular Types of Men’s Underwear

You won’t feel comfortable at any cost in underwear that is not the right size or style for your body. Some popular men’s underwear styles are:

  • Briefs
  • Boxers
  • Boxer-briefs
  • Boxer Trunks and hipsters
  • Thongs for Men

comfortable men's underwear set

12 Most Comfortable Pairs of Men’s Underwear of 2021

Underwear is an important element of men’s clothing. Whether it is briefs or boxer briefs or anything else, you have to choose it in the right fit for a flattering bottom. 

Here, we have explained the best pairs of the most comfortable men’s underwear from top underwear manufacturers

1. 18-Hour Jersey Boxer Briefs by Mack Weldon

Mack Weldon has changed the underwear game for all the other brands by making the best quality underwear you’ll ever find. Their jersey boxer brief is a combination of modal fabric, lycra for the perfect stretch, and cotton for softness and breathability. There are mesh cool zones in the pouch and inner thighs to keep your crotch cool at all times. These are the most comfortable men’s boxer briefs ever.

2. David Archy Breathable Boxer-Brief

David Archy’s boxer brief is a sports underwear with perfect athletic input in the design. It has a comfortable fit and is best for doing strenuous exercises. The material dries fast and is durable and flexible. The big pouch provides a ton of support. The ventilation is also pretty good. The best men’s underwear with a pouch, I can say.

3. Lululemon Always in Motion Boxers

It is an activewear brand that recently launched underwear. The material is crazy breathable, and the fit enhances your thighs and crotch.  The fabric is moisture-wicking, and a roomy pouch keeps your boys in shape. Lululemon offers the best innovative fabric and design.

4. Nice Laundry Slim-Fit Boxers

If you feel comfortable in boxers then you have to try Nice Laundry. They have the best boxers for men that have great stretch and softness due to the cotton-spandex blend of fabric.

5. Fruit of the Loom Men’s Boxer Briefs

For all the boys who are looking for a more affordable option, Fruit of the Loom has some classic boxer briefs at a really good price. Soft and breathable material, plus, they don’t ride up your thighs.

6. Adidas Men’s Sport Performance Boxer Briefs

Things usually get hot in your pants when you do a lot of work or exercise. Adidas has a solution for this because their Sport Performance boxer briefs balances the temperature and keep the boys cool. The material is super stretchy and durable, and it has a great pouch too.

7. Calvin Klein Low Rise Trunks

Talking about the best pair of underwear, how come we forget about Calvin Klein, a renowned custom men’s underwear manufacturer. The Calvin Klein low rise trunk is made of microfiber fabric which is probably the softest and comfortable underwear fabric. The contoured pouch has great support and the low-rise cut is perfect for everyday wear.

8. MeUndies Boxer Brief with Fly

MenUndies have become popular because of the soft fabric of their undies. The fabric is made of 92% Modal Fiber and is very breathable unlike most of the other brief designs. The Y-front or the fly is convenient in urinating as well.

9. Under Armour Tech 6” Boxerjock

Under Armour’s tech underwear has a lot of amazing features like anti-odor and moisture wrecking technology. Best pair for athletic boxers. Underwear looks seamless after wearing and has a mesh fly.

10. Jockey Active Stretch Brief

Jockey is probably the oldest in the field and has constantly stepped up their game by introducing modern fabrics and technology. The active stretch brief has a blend of cotton and spandex fabric and is very affordable.

11. Hanes Men’s Comfort Soft Boxer

Hanes has a sports-inspired boxer-brief. The Comfort Soft Boxer has a comfortable and stretchy waistband which is not gonna give you any marks. It has a fly closure and doesn’t bunch up thus, prevents chafing.

12. Tommy John Second Skin Trunk

Tommy John’s second skin trunks are super comfy because of the micro-modal blend fabric. Comes with a contoured pouch with a fly opened horizontally and secure waistband. 

Final Words

These are the most comfortable men’s underwear in 2020 so far. I hope you found the one you need from the list above. For a different perspective, you can also visit these lists which focuses on the top boxers and top underwear in the market today.

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