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How to Make Custom Underwear

Discover the production process of how to make custom underwear. This article serves as a thorough guide to custom underwear manufacturing as we take a closer look on each step for underwear development.


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The demand for custom clothes has increased continuously during recent years. More people want to have clothes specifically designed according to their taste instead of settling with what is available in malls and stores. RTWs (read-to-wear items) have become less popular. Many people don’t like the generic products in the market and people who are capable of paying for better products prefer more individual clothing in general. This development does not only include regular clothes but also applies to underwear with bras, panties, trunks and so on. Underwear actually changed a lot in recent decades and is likely to continue to change. In this article, we will discuss how to make custom underwear clothing and how to start your own underwear line.

Underwear, as the name implies, is designed to cover our private parts and is the last piece of clothing directly touching to our skin. There are different kinds of underwear both for men and women. For men, it can be briefs, boxer shorts, leggings, sandos etc. For women, the variety is even wider from bras, lingerie, panties, leggings to undershirts and a lot more. The ultimate goal of underwear is to bring comfort to its wearer and make sure the private parts are protected for the convenience of the user. It is a big advantage if the underwear can provide confidence to its wearer.

If you wan to learn how to make custom underwear, the first thing you have to establish is to decide which type of underwear you want to create. Consider the different varieties for underwear as mentioned above and look for niches. You cannot move forward on to the clothing production process until you have decided on which type of underwear you want to create. All aspects of production will move around this decision and will be your basis for moving forward.

production process for custom underwear

Production Process for Custom Underwear

Assuming that you already decided on which type of custom underwear you want to make, the first step of the how to make custom underwear process has to be design conception. Simply start out with a concept or a vague design draft and then slowly work down into details. It is helpful to sketch your design idea to give your product a visual representation. Once you have your sketch or drawing, you can just add up other details and specs to the design. Your goal should be to create a tech pack.

With your product design in place, you can now move on to the product development phase. You need to properly describe how you want your custom underwear product to be made for the manufacturers to understand later on during production. Get inspiration from current underwear industry trends and from changes in underwear production technology. You need to go down into details along with technicalities. Describe the stitching patterns and measurements you want for your custom underwear product clearly. You should also ask for help from the professional clothing manufacturer you are working with in case you do not have much experience in the underwear business. They can help you to complete the tech pack.

Once you have established how to make your custom underwear product, you now have to secure the materials you need to create your custom underwear. Choose the fabric which will be the main component of your underwear along with accessories and add-ons for your clothing product if there are any. You can also do the product costing at this stage since you will be comparing offers from clothing suppliers who can provide the materials you need. Look for suitable underwear materials with the right quality and price. You simply have to be rational in picking your materials depending on the market segment you want to cater to.

Once you have finalized your design, costing and billing of materials, all of these information must be reflected on your custom underwear’s tech pack. The tech pack serves as the underwear manufacturer’s basis during production in the factory. In case you make changes to the design or production process, it should all be updated in the tech pack and not only by word of mouth. Once this is final, you are ready to manufacture the first sample for your custom underwear clothing.

After receiving your first sample, check if everything was done right according to your preferences and details you provided in your tech pack. In case there are errors which need to be corrected, you need to change them on the tech pack so it can be applied for the next sample production or just during mass production if it was only small errors. It is rare to come up with the perfect sample in a single try. Do not get frustrated if there will be errors and setbacks during the sampling process.

how to make custom underwear

Working with Your Custom Underwear Manufacturer

The underwear manufacturer you are going to work with is crucial to the outcome of your underwear clothing product. It is advisable to get inputs and advice from them during underwear production process. They are not only useful in the production line but also product design phase since you can also use their knowledge and expertise in the manufacturing industry to your advantage. Feel free to consider your manufacturer’s suggestions and be open to them during the course of design conception, sampling process and actual production. Treat them as your business partner and not just some factory who creates your product. They will be crucial to your goal of how to make custom underwear and starting your own brand.

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