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How to Find a Custom Lingerie Manufacturer

Get to know the best tips on how to find a custom lingerie manufacturer for your underwear clothing line. These tips will make things easier and more convenient for your custom lingerie supplier selection process.


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Finding a specialized underwear manufacturer is already a tough task and even more so if you are looking for something more specific like a custom lingerie manufacturer. Even though there are a lot of clothing manufacturers out there, finding the right one perfect for your needs and business budget is a difficult task to master. Both for looking at a large scale and small quantity manufacturing, your options should not only be limited within your area as you must be open in seeking for lingerie manufacturers overseas. The vast majority of clothing manufacturing takes place in Asia and that’s also where the factories with the best skills and most experience are located. Only for very high priced lingerie in larger quantities you might also want to look into Western countries for manufacturing.

If you have great lingerie ideas in mind, your business deserves a very good supplier and you must not settle for less. Your suppliers and factories you are going to work with can be a huge factor or can be detrimental to your success. The company you are looking for at this stage is not someone you like to temporarily work with but someone you want to have a long term working relationship with. Here are a few tips on how to find a custom lingerie manufacturer.

How to find a custom lingerie manufacturer isn't easy.

How to Look for a Custom Lingerie Manufacturer

1. Trade Fairs

Visiting trade fairs is the traditional method to look for suppliers and manufacturers. Regardless of your location, there are various trade fairs happening in major cities nearly you all year round. However, you will find a lot of traders in Western countries that are simply outsourcing your orders to Asia. It might hence be a good idea to go to local fairs in Asia yourself. These trade fairs attract the biggest manufacturing industry players which obviously include manufacturers and suppliers aside from fellow clothing companies alike. The most relevant trade fair all around the globe is Premiere Vision. It is held in Paris at least twice a year including stopovers at New York, Barcelona, Istanbul and a few other major cities.

In trade fairs, you can surely find a manufacturer for your custom lingerie product. However, the only problem is that you have to be patient and keen enough to go through the process of visiting manufacturers’ booths one by one. The numbers can be overwhelming, the busy atmosphere can be exhausting and people with small quantities are commonly not catered to. But the advantage of being able to talk to them personally and directly inquire of their services will help you save time from waiting for email replies or return phone calls.

2. Online Platforms

Another way on how to find a custom lingerie manufacturer is through online platforms which are able to connect you directly to a manufacturer or supplier. There are website directories out there who exclusively cater in listing down manufacturers, suppliers, clothing line agents and more. You can easily filter out your options and settle with the most viable choices for your custom lingerie manufacturing needs. Contact information is available in website directories and it is up to you to contact them directly for inquiries. Options here range from Alibaba to your local Yellow Pages. Be careful though since fraud and coordination problems are still relatively common.

3. Manufacturing Agents

If you are too caught up in your clothing business wherein you no longer have time to look for a manufacturer for your custom lingerie project, you can opt to work with manufacturing agents or buying offices to do the task for you. These agents and buying offices are connected to factories and suppliers and they can easily sort out their contacts based on the type of product you are producing. At the expense of a small professional fee, you can find a custom lingerie manufacturer without browsing the internet or going to a trade fair.

Manufacturing agents can be found on social media channels such as LinkedIn. Simply type in your product’s keywords along with the word agent and you will find hundreds of manufacturing agents who are willing to work with you on your custom lingerie project. The only downside to this is the fact you don’t get to directly communicate with the manufacturer or supplier since the agent acts as a middleman. You cannot be able to bargain on the service fees since there is no direct contact with the clothing manufacturer. Also the quaintly of the work can vary largely. The best solution is to find someone that has their own garment factory to work with.

4. Government Agencies

If you are looking to hire local manufacturers, the best place to visit are government agencies covering the local manufacturing industry. These government agencies often have the master list of all manufacturing companies and suppliers operating within a specific area. In fact, some of them may advice on which company you should go for based on the company’s reputation to keep up with legalities and tax paying behavior. The following should be good standards to follow in picking your custom lingerie manufacturer. These platforms are common in Western countries but also exist overseas. The difficulty here is that they are often only maintained in the local language.


The following tips mentioned above are the easiest and most convenient ways for you to find a custom lingerie manufacturer. Simply keep in mind that finding a potential custom manufacturer is an easy task but being able to land the right one is the taller order. It is up to you to weigh on their respective strengths and weaknesses and not just settle with the first custom lingerie manufacturer you were able to interview. Always talk to at least two to three potential custom lingerie manufacturers before making your choice.

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