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How to Find a Custom Men’s Underwear Manufacturer

This article helps you weigh your options on how to find a custom men's underwear manufacturer for your business and make sure you end up with the right choice and not simply settle on what custom men's underwear manufacturer is available.


How to find a custom men’s underwear manufacturer to make your clothing product is a crucial process because this is the initial step wherein your ideas finally manifest. Your custom men’s underwear design remains an idea until a manufacturer works with you to make things happen. Finding a potential men’s underwear manufacturer is not as easy despite that you can simply Google for them on the internet. Indeed, finding the right one perfect for your custom men’s underwear design is the most challenging part along with coming up with a creative design that you can base your collection or even entire startup on. Here is an example of a creative approach to a seemingly mundane garment.

Find a custom men's underwear manufacturer with vast experience.

Analyzing the Pros and Cons when Finding a Men’s Underwear Manufacturer

If you are a major clothing company, there are less issues for you dealing with suppliers moving forward. These suppliers treat big clients as a cash cow and they would do their best to keep them under their wing or else some other manufacturer would lure this client away from them in case they fall short of the client’s standards. In fact, manufacturers and suppliers alike are the ones who will go after big clients asking them to avail of their services instead of the other way around.

When it comes to small up to mid-sized clothing companies, there are challenges that you need to be aware of when dealing with manufacturers. Let us simply face it. Startup clothing companies and clothing lines who haven’t established their brands yet do not have the same VIP privilege as much as other big companies do. As they are still trying to gain a foothold and carve their niche, finding a reliable manufacturer is an additional tough task they must face. The first important aspect is hence finding a small quantity clothing manufacturer that takes low volume orders. Especially underwear manufacturing, whether male or female, is usually a high volume business.

One of the most common problem is the customer support service young clothing brands get from their manufacturers. Since they are working around a budget, they seldom get the full services out of a manufacturer and they are only allowed to avail what their budget allows. The worst part is manufacturers tend to lowball small clients because of the small fee they can get out of them. They could have given additional services but they prefer to not offer them anymore since they are on the upper hand of the deal and only think of their convenience. For custom men’s underwear manufacturers, that usually means support with respect to the product design files (or making a tech pack) and consultation with respect to appropriate fabrics for intimate use.

Fortunately, not all manufacturers out there treat small to mid-sized clients the same as many clothing suppliers do. There are companies out there who are specifically designed to cater to the needs of startup companies and small-time entrepreneurs. Even though they may also have big companies and established brands as clients, they still treat small-sized companies without bias the same way how they treat their bigger clients.

The support small up to mid-sized get is an important factor to consider when looking for a manufacturer for your clothing product. There are manufacturers whose work is only limited to the actual printing or manufacturing of the clothes and nothing more. You might as well pick a manufacturer who can provide other services such as assistance in design, product packaging and other aspects of clothing manufacturing instead of a production-only manufacturer. This tip will make it more convenient as you end up working with an all-in-one manufacturer instead of several third-party services. Ask for this support directly when you’re looking into how to find a custom men’s underwear manufacturer.

How to find custom men's underwear manufacturer in a tight industry.

Western Manufacturers and Options Offshore

If you rely on the internet when looking for potential clothing manufacturers, it would be inevitable for you to find contacts who are located Western manufacturers. If you are new to the industry, you might be unaware that the manufacturing industry in Western countries does usually not make sense when it comes to low to medium quantities of men’s underwear. Yes, they may be equipped with the latest technology and advanced equipment but all these come with an outstanding rate which is too pricey compared to contacts you can find in China, Philippines and other Asian countries. Furthermore, you usually need higher quantities to get started.

The best route when looking for clothing manufacturers regardless of production size has to be in Asia, particularly China. China is known worldwide as a manufacturing powerhouse and no one comes close when it comes to the supply chain integration for materials and production processes their manufacturing companies can offer. Most of the garments products we see in the market today are made or processed in China, even if the sewing takes place elsewhere. They are responsible for manufacturing of major brands and companies not only in clothing & garments but also in other types of products such as technology, electronics, plastics etc.

As a startup clothing line looking for a stable clothing manufacturer you can professionally work with, it is advisable to seek for manufacturers that are based in overseas. You get to enjoy world-class manufacturing services at a rate much cheaper compared to what Western manufacturing services can offer. They can provide assistance from design conception all the way up to the end of the production line. How to find a custom men’s underwear manufacturer is easier then it was ever before today, but you have to make sure that your needs are covered and be aware of the perspective of the clothing factories that often requite high minimums and little support to small clients. It is definitely a good time to look into men’s underwear manufacturing, even Victoria’s Secret is making men’s underwear now.

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