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How to Make Custom Jackets

Learn how to make custom jackets and discover the crucial link of working with custom jacket manufacturers when to creating your custom design. The manufacturers play a crucial role to the outcome of the project.


It is easy to purchase jackets online, in shopping malls and department stores but it can be very difficult to find a jacket which is perfect in sizing and style. Making custom clothes is an established approach in manufacturing and this includes jackets, sweaters and other clothing products which makes the concept of creating custom jackets a viable option. In fact, custom clothes manufacturing is one of the hottest business ideas out there today. This article covers the basics on how to make custom jackets. A custom jacket is a great way to start a business; there are many creative success stories like this one.

A jacket is a clothing item which can be used to provide warmth during the colder seasons. Others also use it as an accessory to give their look a formal appearance while there are some people who simply take advantage of jackets for the sense of an informal style (usually thin sports jackets worn open). If you intend to make custom jackets then make sure which type of jacket you like to work on. When designing custom jackets, focus on coming up with something unique and different because if it is basically the same as the ones available in shopping malls and supermarkets then the goal to make custom jackets is more difficult. You can also create more affordable versions of expensive jackets that are trending right now to get your business started.

Cut sheets on making custom jackets.

Production Process of How to Make Custom Jackets

The initial process is to conceptualize a design for your custom jacket. When creating a design, always focus on the jacket’s functionality and not only focus on the physical design of the custom clothing project. You also need to consider the fabric to use since it is a huge factor to the overall design of the custom jacket. There are different varieties of fabrics to choose from and this should be an integral part of design conception. Nylon and polyester blends are common choices for the outside layer of the jacket, while more simple rain jackets only consist of one layer. The lining is as the inside layer is the other important fabric aspect that has to be determined. The desired thickness and waterproofness are crucial.

How to make a custom jacket primarily involves sewing for the most part. Sewing jackets is a straightforward work but can be critical to pull off and requires strategic planning for the individual parts. Any form of misstep can spell disaster to the entire project. The type of fabric you have chosen plays a big part to the sewing process and approach. If you are using fabrics such as denims or leather, the elasticity and thickness of these kinds of fabrics will be critical to the process since they need to be sewn perfectly according to custom fit and preferences. The materials have to work together.

How to make custom jackets: sewing technique is crucial.

Working with Custom Jacket Manufacturers

You can always hire clothing manufacturers to work on your custom jackets in case you do not have the sewing skills and expertise for the project. The only things you have to secure is a jacket design and sketch it on the computer as a pre-production file. Include your specifications and other details of the product since this pre-production file will serve as your eventual professional tech pack for the custom clothing project. Good manufacturers are well-versed and experts when it comes to clothing manufacturing and you can simply trust them to do the rest of the production work as long as they have the tech pack. Coordination is required to get your requirements across though.

Discussing your custom jacket design with the manufacturer beforehand is compulsory. Feel free to accept advice and input from them so you can apply these details on to your tech pack. The manufacturers can also assist with fabric sourcing since they are more knowledgeable when it comes to fabrics. Instead of settling with the most common materials available out there, their knowledge and expertise can give you leverage to a wide selection of choices and varieties you can choose form. This is especially important for outdoor jackets and sports jackets where the performance of the material plays a huge role.

Once the tech pack is ready with all the details and specs, your custom jacket project is now ready for sampling. After you hand your tech pack to your manufacturer, you can expect a few weeks for your first sample to be ready. It is obvious the lead time in creating the sample depends on the simplicity or complexity of your custom jacket design. Also, you need to be in touch with your manufacturer during sampling stage to make sure they are on the right track and avoid further setbacks during the process.

When the first custom jacket sample is ready, you can now experience how your product looks and feels like. See for yourself whether the sample follows the preferences you have noted on the tech pack. If you feel unsatisfied of the product sample, then you need to make some changes, update the tech pack and eventually repeat the sampling process until desired results are achieved. Otherwise, if everything is perfect then your product is now ready for mass production.


Making a customized jacket simply follows the traditional method of creating manufactured clothes. The only difference is the complexities involved in terms of sewing and designing the product. The objective of the product mainly focuses on its functionality, fit and comfort while aspects such as aesthetics come in as a later afterthought. All of these factors combined work successfully in making a custom jacket. There is a lot of money in the jacket business as you learn from successful and established brands such as Moncler. Good luck on your first custom jacket project!

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