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How to Make Custom Men’s Underwear

How to make custom men's underwear works best by applying our design, develop and create mantra. Learning about this method is a proven and effective way not just with men's underwear but to all types of clothing manufacturing.


The underwear is perhaps the most personal piece of clothing any man could have. Even though you probably only get feedback from your partner that can get to see it, it is a private belonging which is dear to the wearer because it can give him a sense of confidence and intimate comfort no other piece of clothing can provide. It is the last piece of clothing directly one the skin which makes it private and at the same special to the wearer.

Men’s underwear have a lot of varieties and types. Depending on a man’s preference, he usually always sticks to a certain type of underwear or brand of comfort. Whether he uses briefs, boxers, trunks or boxer briefs; it is very rare for a man to use many different types of underwear as his go-to undies. However, many people feel that existing cuts and designs are insufficient. Not much innovations and designs have become available here, often in contrast to women’s underwear. Creating your own customized underwear line specifically for more individual tastes and needs instead of settling with generic versions available in the market is a great business idea. The market for underwear is growing consistently, as shown here for the UK. In this article, we will thoroughly discuss the art of how to make custom men’s underwear.

Fabrics to choose from on making custom men's underwear.

Design, Develop & Create the Custom Underwear

In the clothing industry, the best approach is to always follow the design-develop-create method when making clothing products and this is no different in how to make custom men’s underwear. The initial step is to conceptualize the design of your men’s underwear. It is much better to create a sketch of your potential product and at least lay out a vague structure of how your men’s underwear is going to look like. You don’t have to be detailed at this point but simply be able to have a basic sketch of your underwear product concept (emphasise crucial features).

For the next phase, you now proceed to make a design design file out for your sketch. Details will now slowly come into play and you may need the assistance of a professional graphic designer in case you don’t have much experience. A 2D representation of your custom men’s underwear in different perspectives is necessary as these design files will also serve as your tech pack moving forward. The tech pack is an integral file on how to make custom men’s underwear and other clothing products. It should contain all crucial instructions for the clothing factory. A professional tech pack design company can help.

During the product development process, you now have to specify the details of your product and be particular on how the product is done in terms of stitching and sewing. In case you are not knowledgeable in this department, your custom underwear manufacturer can assist you with the choice of the best type of seams and share their expertise and knowledge regarding the aspect of how to make custom men’s underwear.

It is also the time to source your fabrics and materials needed for your men’s underwear. Product costing will also come into play so that you now have an idea of the amount you need to make the custom men’s underwear and for determining the sales price. However, keep in mind all the details and product information accumulated at this point must all be noted in your tech pack. If there is a need to update the drawing files according to changes then now is the time to do so. Make sure your design files/tech pack always reflects the updates to materials.

Once the tech pack is finalized, you are now ready to make your custom men’s underwear. The tech pack will serve as your custom men’s underwear manufacturer’s basis when creating your underwear product in the clothing factory. This is the same reason why the tech pack is an integral part of manufacturing as mentioned above. After making the first sample, you should check it carefully. If you need to make changes, the modifications will all be updated in the tech pack for it to be applied during the next sampling process until the desired custom men’s underwear product is achieved.

Custom men's underwear samples.

Choosing Fabric for Men’s Underwear

The most popular fabric when it comes to making custom men’s underwear is cotton and cotton nylon blends. Its properties such as being breathable, highly absorbent and widely available makes it a popular choice as the go-to fabric for underwear clothing. However, the varieties of cotton available is a very wide spectrum wherein a certain type of cotton can greatly differ from another variety in terms of price and quality even though the properties are basically the same. You should also consider the thickness/GSM of the fabric. This article helps you the get an overview of how the technology and materials of underwear changed over time.

Most companies label their cotton fabric by giving them a specific name such as two-ply, Pima cotton, long staple cotton, Egyptian cotton and a lot more. Other cotton labels are even registered under their own trademarks. To choose for a cotton for your custom men’s underwear, always go for durability and not the softness of the cotton fabric. Always go for fabric with at least 90% cotton blends as this type of cotton always assure of comfortable and soft material for underwear clothing products. Exceptions are underwear for special occasions that might be made out of polyester or silk, similar to women’s lingerie.


There are other aspects of production you must think of after your custom men’s underwear has been mass produced such as packaging, labeling and marketing. However, the most important aspects are all covered under the design, develop and create protocol discussed in the sections above so that you can coordinate with your custom clothing manufacturer. This simple guide can get you very far to your goal of make your own custom men’s underwear line and maybe start your own business.

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