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How to Find a Custom Bra Manufacturer

This article helps you with the selection of your potential custom bra manufacturer by breaking down things you need to consider on how to find a custom bra manufacturer. Make sure you the basics of bra manufacturer selection right.


A lot of women these days prefer to buy clothes with individual and less common designs, also when it comes “down” to underwear. Instead of buying default boring designs, standard cuts and sizes available in supermarkets, they are looking for something special that stands out. This is mainly because they want to enjoy the perfect fit and comfort they want out of their underwear and not simply settle for what is commonly available. One of the most common underwear clothing products being customized these days is the bra. A lot of innovations and interesting niches for custom bras have shown up in recent years. Here are some recent examples of ThirdLove and  True&Co. How to find a custom bra manufacturer is a question that they also started with.

We see a lot of clothing companies and startups that now offer non-standard bra designs as their main product line. You cannot deny the rise of demand among customers for customized bras and as a result, also more and more larger clothing companies offer more novel bra designs as part of their clothing line. If you happened to be one of these innovators who want to venture in making your own custom bras, this article on how to find a custom bra manufacturer is perfect or you.

Finding the right clothing manufacturer is the main concern when you are venturing into a new clothing product line such as custom bras. Especially if you your company is new to the product or is not yet well-versed when it comes to custom bra production, this can be challenging. Manufacturers come in handy as their professional skills and services will help you achieve the perfect custom bra according to your design and preferences.

Find a custom bra manufacturer which has attention to details.

Looking for the Right Custom Bra Manufacturer

Finding and working with a manufacturer that’s right for your custom bra manufacturing needs is crucial. First, you have to decide if you want to produce domestically or overseas, as each option will have their own set of advantages and disadvantages. Simply ask yourself how much control you want or be able to authorize to the manufacturer for producing your product. Producing domestically or locally allows you to directly oversee production and check in more regularly compared to overseas manufacturing. You should be aware though that bra manufacturers in Western countries usually require much larger minimum order quantities since they tend to use more machines for the production. Overseas countries are a preferable option for smaller quantities and new product designs that need more manual labor.

If price and fees is your biggest concern, then working with overseas manufacturers is the perfect option for you. When you are producing in bulk, it is advisable to work with overseas clothing factories based in Asian countries such as China, Bangladesh or the Philippines. Overhead expenses are extremely cheap in these countries wherein you end up paying less service fees out of your bulk custom bra orders. In Western countries, you may end up paying double or triple compared to the fees you have paid for outsourcing manufacturing in Asia.

Another way on how to find a custom bra manufacturer is to tap on the clothing industry’s business network. All of your colleagues will have something to share regarding manufacturers, suppliers and contacts. Gain referrals from fellow clothing companies and you can be assured these leads are professionals you can trust. You can also join online forums and business threads simply to gain knowledge of the industry and as well as share your inputs to your colleagues. This is a positive way of establishing your reputation as an underwear clothing manufacturer.

Find a custom bra manufacturer who is conscious of stitch quality.

Doing the Bra Supplier Selection

Once you have all your contacts listed, you can now narrow down this list by comparing prices, services offered, company reputation, manufacturing processes, terms & conditions etc. All these factors is crucial to your selection process. It is also important to ask for your potential custom bra manufacturer’s minimum order quantity, especially if you are a recently established low volume clothing company. Most of the major bra manufacturers are used to dealing with bulk orders and do not cater with small quantity which is why it is important to ask for the MOQ beforehand.

Once you’ve boiled down to at least three choices, it is time to give your potential custom bra manufacturer a call or a message via email. Always take the professional approach and do not be bothered whether you are just a start up clothing company. Professionals approach fellow professionals with the same manner and respect and this saying applies to manufacturers and suppliers as well. If you do not sound confident of your custom bra project then your potential bra manufacturer may tend to look down on your proposal. Don’t focus too much on the potential outlook of your business but focus on the orders on hand.

After contacting your three final choices, it is up to you to decide which one perfectly fits the bill as your custom bra manufacturer. There is actually no right or wrong choice in here since it is all up to you to decide for your clothing company depending on the factors that matter most to you. However, always keep in mind that your choice is crucial to your manufacturing business which is why it is important to double check your decision and not hastily decide on it.


There are a lot of other factors not mentioned in this article when it comes to sorting potential bra manufacturers. However, the most important ones are usually technical support, pricing, and minimum order quantity. Simply remember that finding a custom bra manufacturer is not a difficult task but being able to pick the right one for your clothing company is the big challenge here. A great way to get started with how to find a custom bra manufacturer is determining exactly what you want to do: Looking at the bra market development summarized here with average prices and consumer behavior is a great start.

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