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How to Find the Right Plastic Injection Molder

There are factors to consider on how to find the right plastic injection molder. All of these factors work alongside each other to help you choose your perfect plastic injection molder.


plastic resins for injection molding

Plastic manufacturing is complicated business and there are a lot of factors to consider if you choose to have a plastic injection molder you can partner with. You have to think of your plastic products, your industry and as well as your product requirements before you can conclude on a perfect plastic injection molder for you. Here are a few tips you need to consider on how to find the right plastic injection molder for your plastic business.

Choosing the Right Plastic Injection Molder

1. Volume Capacity

There are around 16,000 injection molding companies in the US alone, this makes it hard for you to choose the best one for your plastic business. In fact, it is much better to look beyond your native land and seek overseas. Choosing the right plastic injection molder is by selecting them through your volume and size requirements. Once they pass your standards then you are able to narrow down your options and make the process easier.

Going for a potential plastic molding company with low to moderate volume is perfect if you want to test a plastic part right away. Low to moderate volume molders is perfect for orders which do not require hundreds or thousands of plastic parts. They usually specialize in small-sized molds which are part/s of a bigger product and not single-handedly create all components needed for a particular project.

2. Compliance with Specifications

Your potential plastic injection molder must have the right experience and knowledge to finish your plastic products without sacrificing product specifications. In case they are not capable to comply certain plastic product requirements, they must be able to suggest or recommend a better approach to satisfy your product needs. Your plastic injection molder’s input and advice will be helpful to save time and money from the design and development process of the plastic product.

3. Varied Services and Technology Advancement

Always look for a plastic injection molder which is able to offer a wide array of services and not only limited to plastic injection molding. This means your potential plastic injection molder can give advice towards product designs, mold flow analysis and parts designs development. It is also a huge plus if your plastic injection molder avails of the latest technology and software needed in the industry not only to improve your service but also lessen the environmental risks which come with plastic manufacturing.

raw pallets for plastic injection molding.

4. Quality & Efficiency

Your potential plastic injection molder must promise to give you top quality products at an efficient rate. I know this statement asks too much from a plastic manufacturing company but it is a statement which must be predicted of people who are providing such service/s. Quality and efficiency work hand in hand and missing on either of the factor can reflect to the service provision bigtime. A plastic injection molder must be able to produce high quality plastic products at an efficient rate. You can also read this link on injection molding evolution for more info.

5. Product Application

The use of your product is critical to your business function as a plastic manufacturer. Your audience have to understand the spectrum of your plastic product and how it can affect or impact the market once it hits the stores nationwide. There are a lot of circumstances which comes with product issues and your plastic product has to justify its need and overcome the predicament why the need for such product has to be present in the market today. Your product’s purpose offsets all the other restrictions which can come along the lack of recommendation.

6. Lead Time

Molds creation can range from a month up to three months depending on the complexity of the plastic design. This does not include shipping processes, possible factory delays, modifications etc. It is important to note of a potential plastic injection molder’s lead time performance to apply it towards your plastic business project. This way, you can be up to date towards your calendar and avoid time constraints in case things go awry. Delays can be inevitable but open communication lines helps between customer and client to avoid misunderstandings and disagreements towards the project.

Can’t Find the Right Company Yet?

It is not surprising to have unique wants and needs out of a plastic injection company. The process itself is already complex and the factors surrounding the business concept needs hands-on approach and extensive knowledge. If you try to consider all of the tips mentioned above on how to find the right plastic injection molder then the process is made simpler and more convenient. You can easily streamline the process by being noted of the positive qualities you are looking for.

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