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How to Make Custom Leggings

Learn how to make custom leggings and go deep into the product development process when creating this clothing product. Get to know the challenges you need to overcome and the importance of having a professional manufacturer for your custom leggings project.


A pair of leggings is a go-to lower body garment for most women during the cold season. Women look forward to its thick and elastic fabric which allows them to move freely and be protected from the cold weather. But also during the warmers season or at home leggings can be the garment of choice. A good example are the popular Lululemon leggings, who made this type of clothing trendy again. Regular leggings can be made better when the clothing product is custom-made especially for your preferences regarding cut and fabric. In this article, let us explore the idea on how to make custom leggings. From the design conception, product development and all the way up to other technicalities.

Samples on how to make custom leggings

Product Development of Custom Leggings

When creating clothing products, we always follow the Design-Develop-Create method and the same method applies on how to make custom leggings. The first phase for how to make custom leggings revolves around design conception. During this phase, you simply have to explore product design ideas and try to apply them on your custom leggings project. You do not have to be specific when it comes down to details at this point but simply provide a general outline of the product design. Think of the fit and feel of your product.

Once you have finalized your design, it is now time to sketch or draw your product design to give it a visual representation. It would be much better if you draw your design in the computer with the help of a design software. This way, it can be more convenient later on to export these drawings on to the tech pack which is vital in any clothing manufacturing project. If you do not have the graphic design skills, then might as well hire or ask for help from a professional graphic designer for the digital design drawings.

The next phase is the actual product development stage. During this phase, you now work on the design’s specifications, dimensions, trims and all other details needed for the custom leggings. All of these information has to be noted down on your product’s tech pack along with the drawings done earlier. Always keep in mind to stay true to the original design and not overdo the overall design with your details and add-ons.

After the custom leggings tech pack is ready with all of the necessary product details, it is now time to move forward to sampling. If you have the necessary skills and tools to sew your custom leggings then you can do the sampling yourself. However, if you are considering mass production, you must consider working with a clothing manufacturer to get the sample done for you. Their participation is necessary once you go in full production mode later on.

How to make custom leggings: Provide various sizes

Picking Your Clothing Manufacturer

When selecting a clothing manufacturer you can work with, it is important to consider skills and reputation to make sure your custom leggings project is done the right way. Sewing leggings requires skill and technique considering the tailor or seamstress have to deal with challenging fabric which is stretchable and thin. You have to make sure the manufacturer you are working that has experience in working with clothing garments particularly leggings in the past.

Your potential clothing manufacturer has to be reputable in a positive way given they have a good track record and has successfully worked with multiple clients in the past. This factor is a good measure on how to assess manufacturers and you can be rest assured you’d have a promising working relationship later on with your projects. Their reputation in and around the industry is primarily the reason why they have been around for quite some time now.

How to make custom leggings: skills in dealing with elastic fabric

Challenges in Sewing Custom Leggings

Dealing with stretchable fabric for custom leggings is quite a challenge. The seam allowance you have to allot for the project is an important factor to the overall makeup of the clothing fit. Depending on your preferences, the seam allowance is crucial on how you like the leggings to be tight or loose enough for the user. Since it is a custom project, you need to consider the user’s comfort and overall feel of the leggings to make sure she feels secure when wearing the custom leggings.

The zigzag stitch along with the twin needles (advised to use for this type of clothing product) you use for your custom leggings are crucial to the project. These factors make sure your fabric cuts are all in place and are sewn together with the right technique. There will be pinnings and hemmings involved to make sure crucial areas such as the crotch and edges are properly done and the custom leggings product looks good in all respects.


Learning how to make custom leggings is the first step for your project. The dimensions, sewing patterns and all other manufacturing aspects are all determining to the outcome of the project. Given leggings is a type of clothing product which requires specific fit and comfort, product creation is critical and a small difference in terms of dimensions and seam allowance can already impact the product in a big manner. Look at many references before you decide on your custom leggings design. The most important trends for compression, thermoregulation and anti-microbial additions are summarized here.

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