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How to Make Custom Lingerie

Here is a simple overview on how to make custom lingerie along with a thorough breakdown of its production process. Also, discover the challenges you need to overcome when creating a custom lingerie line.


how to make custom lingerie

How to make your own lingerie line sounded like a crazy idea years ago but is now a very popular option among entrepreneurs. It is very hard to find lingerie which can provide both comfort, beauty and right fit in stores which is why more and more women resort to custom lingerie. Another factor why consumers prefer custom lingerie is because it can be cheaper compared to branded lingerie out there in malls and department stores unless you want to settle with very generic lingerie products. It is also much easier to produce custom lingerie with specialized lingerie manufacturers than ever before.

Lingerie is not considered as a must-have clothing for women. In fact, it can be a luxury product depending on your standards. Unlike the bra and panties, lingerie is not a piece of undergarment which is an every-day item women can’t live without. However, there are women who draw confidence and makes themselves feel loved or special when wearing lingerie. If it makes them feel good of themselves then there is no reason for them not to buy plenty of different lingerie items.

There are different types of lingerie out there in the market today. Basically, a lingerie is stylized underwear or bedroom clothing for women. Even though it is heavily referred to as a feminine product, there are already a number of brands and manufacturers these days who also design lingerie for men. Lingerie can now be considered as a unisex product but a big percentage of its consumers are women. Lingerie is always perceived to be visually appealing and it is sometimes regarded as erotic clothing.

sample of making custom lingerie

Production Process for Custom Lingerie

If you want to make custom lingerie, you have to first decide which type of lingerie you like to work on. There is a wide variety for lingerie from laced bras, thongs, bedroom dresses and a lot more. Pick a lingerie style which you think can be popular in the market and then conceptualize a design from it. The aesthetics aspect of a lingerie can be fairly simple. The trickiest part of the product design process comes in the stylization of the cloth and the fabric used for it.

Sketch your design to provide a visual representation of your custom lingerie product. Once the design is outlined, hire a graphics designer to make a design file (also called tech pack) for it or teach yourself how to do it. It is better if you let the graphic designer draw the custom lingerie design in at least two perspectives for a better visual representation.

For the next step, you can choose to add the details of your lingerie design. Specify the intricacies and specifications in the design file. You also need to note how the product is done particularly in regards to sewing and stitching. What used to be a simple sketch or visual representation of your custom lingerie now becomes a full tech pack which manufacturers will use later on once the product design is ready for sampling.

Once your tech pack is ready, you can now send it to your private label clothing manufacturer which allows them to work on it in their factory. Lingerie manufacturers already know how to assess tech packs and it is simple for them to produce your first lingerie sample. However, it is advisable to keep an open communication line with them to make sure your first sample ends up perfectly. It is rare to have a perfect sample in a single try but it is very possible. The better the tech and the communication the more likely you will have the piece of lingerie you imagined tight away.

how to make custom lingerie 2

Challenges in Sewing Lingerie

Sewing lingerie is a challenge for most manufacturers because of the tricky fabric they have to deal with. Fabrics commonly used with lingerie are often thin and smooth which makes it fragile to work with on the sewing machine. Lingerie such as bras and panties also make it tough for manufacturers to deal with due to their small size. Even though it is quicker to complete, the attention to details makes it critical to make sure the lingerie comes out in its perfect condition as described in the tech pack.

Aside from these challenges, lingerie designs often come with lots of add-ons such as laces, ribbons, bows and cut-outs. Designing lingerie is the perfect opportunity for designers to play around with their creativity since they do not want to end up with something generic and plain. These add-ons and trims are necessary to give life to the design but also pose as an additional challenge for manufacturers on the sewing machine.


How to make custom lingerie is a fun idea in the garment manufacturing industry. The number of lingerie designs you can come up with is an infinite number plus there tons of varieties you can choose from. Find your own niche! It is the best avenue to work out your creative mind and come up with something sexy, fun and attractive. You may never know if your lingerie designs can give lingerie specialists such as Victoria’s Secret a run for their money in the industry if you don’t try. They made mistakes with their lingerie line that you can avoid. This product category will remain popular.

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