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How to Make Custom Sportswear & Fitness Clothing

Get to know the steps for making custom sportswear & fitness clothing in this article. Focus on sourcing of fabric and materials since this is a crucial step in custom sportswear & fitness clothing manufacturing.


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Sportswear and fitness clothing never run out of style and always have a specific area in the market. The style and fashion sense revolving around this type of clothing has also continuously evolved through the years given the modern technology combined with other fashion trends. If you intend to make custom sportswear or fitness clothing, you do not only have to work with a sportswear manufacturer but you also have to be equipped with the right knowledge on fashion and technology to come up with an innovative product design.

When it comes to custom clothing, it is not a bad idea to look at established brands in the industry for guidance. For example, in the athleisure market, some of the most dominant brands are Nike, Adidas, Puma, Under Armour and Lululemon (the two letter ones are rather recently established and very successful brands). It is easy to pick out why they are dominating the market simply because their products use the right fabric and quality material while at the same time prioritize fit, comfort and style all rolled in a single product. Most of their products stay true to this goal which always spell success for the brands mentioned. The market for athleisure clothing products is likely to continue to thrive, which makes it a great niche to start your now clothing business or startup. You can learn more about the market trends here.

How to make custom sportswear and fitness clothing in various colors.

Getting Started on How to Make Custom Sportswear & Fitness Clothing

Most small businesses think right away of being able to make the next big thing in the industry which is the same reason why they fail. Instead of setting standards and expectations which are too high, the most important thing is to address consumer’s needs. Your custom sportswear or fitness product does not have to be the most technologically-advanced product out there in the market for it to succeed. Simply create something that works which people can use and is basically all you need. Don’t neglect the marketing and branding that are equally important. Another common mistake is that people want to start with many different athleisure products at the same time. Rather focus on just one to three products and make sure you get them prefect.

Once you have conceptualized a design for your custom sportswear or fitness clothing product, ask help from a professional graphics designer to help formulate your tech pack. The graphic designer will create a virtual design file of your product and present different perspectives of your custom design. The initial drawing does not have to be very specific as long as you are able to present the general gist of your sportswear design. Other details and specifications can be added later on to your tech pack. The tech pack is the crucial instructions file for the clothing factory and you can get help from sport clothing manufacturers.

How to make custom sportswear and fitness clothing based on colors.

Sourcing for Fabrics and Materials

Your biggest concern should be the right choice of fabrics which are stretchable and can quickly wick away moisture but also don’t feel to much like plastic and are comfortable to wear. It is also important that the fabric keeps it shape despite strenuous activity and movement. As a small business, it is impossible to compete with major brands’ technology and influence which is why it is a trick under your sleeve to come contact with suppliers and manufacturers who work or are associated with major sportswear in the industry. You can take advantage of their knowledge and expertise and put them to good use for the benefit of your company as well. Also check products from big brands for their fabric composition as reference.

The material suppliers and clothing manufacturers are key to help you find the most effective fabrics for your custom sportswear product and be able to purchase them at the lowest price possible given you order in bulk. The number of fabrics available for sportswear and fitness clothing is an unimaginable large which is why working alongside these industry professionals helps you save time and effort. Hiring them as your manufacturer is a plus considering that they work on similar fitness clothing products on a daily basis. In case that your product fails in the market, it is their loss as well. So for professional clothing manufacturers it’s in their own interest to help you find suitable fabrics. The best and safest approach is still knowing your ideal fabric as good as possible in terms of weight/thickness, weave and material composition.

How to make custom sportswear and fitness clothing needs precision.

Other Aspects of How to Make Custom Sportswear & Fitness Clothing Manufacturing

Aside from design conception and the actual production process, there are also other aspects of how to make custom sportswear & fitness clothing manufacturing you need to thoroughly consider. These are packaging, labeling, logistics and marketing. Even if you have an excellent product coming out but you failed in any of the departments mentioned above, then your product will be at a higher risk to fail. All of these factors work alongside each other perfectly contributing to the success of your custom sportswear or fitness clothing brand.

For custom product packaging, you simply have to cover the basics which is to protect and enclose the custom sportswear from outside elements. Exposing the fitness clothing from outside elements may damage the product or affect its quality before the consumer gets to use it. Regarding labeling, always provide care information and manufacturing labels strategically placed within the product. Labeling is a requirement for your product to pass basic quality standards.

Logistics and marketing are both complex topics revolving around manufacturing. Both of them may need separate articles to extensively cover these topics. However, we will try to brush the surface regarding these aspects. Logistics are usually easy for smaller quantities and you can simply ship them by air with one of the large logistics providers from overseas. Customs declarations can also be done by a logistics services provider so that you don’t have to deal with it. Marketing is a very complex field and you are probably best of by focusing on social media and other online activities since these are much more affordable for young brands just starting out.

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