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How to Make Custom Women’s Underwear

Here is a simple guide on how to make custom women's underwear covering important factors such as product packaging and sourcing of materials as part of the standard clothing production process.


There are a lot of reasons why you should go for custom women’s underwear instead of settling with what is available at retail stores, online shops and shopping malls. First, you are assured of the perfect style, size and fit. Second, you can choose to use specific material for your women’s underwear which is comfortable for you and your potential clients. Lastly, you can easily work around the cost of your underwear product without worrying of the profit clothing companies add to their products since you are in control of the business side. There are a lot more advantages to making custom women’s underwear but the three mentioned above are the most common. Check out recent trends in women underwear to see what is new and selling well.

In this article, we will briefly discuss the step by step process involved on how to make custom women’s underwear. The process is basically much like any other clothing manufacturing process but only different in terms of the focus on details and stitches since there is a specific approach when dealing with women’s underwear products (particularly the properties of fabrics and other materials). Let us learn the basics on how to make custom women’s underwear.

samples of custom women's underwear

Production Process for Making Custom Women’s Underwear

Keep in mind women’s underwear is a very general term and there is a huge variety under it. You must be specific on which women’s underwear would you like to work on. You can choose from bras, lingerie, panties, nighties and so on. As soon as you are decided with your choice of custom women’s underwear product, you can now conceptualize a design for your product. Tap on your creative juices and think of an innovative design to serve the primary purpose of an underwear product which is comfort.

Our traditional advice when making custom clothes is the design, develop, create method. This method generally applies to making all type of clothing which includes how to make custom women’s underwear. Obviously, design conception has to come first which means a basic sketch of the product or a general drawing is the starting point of the production process. There is no need to be detailed at this point as long as a basic illustration of your product gets specified in the drawing.

Your general sketch will now be turned into a digital design file with the help of a graphic designer (or yourself if you possess the skills). Obviously, the illustration is more descriptive for any design than mere words and other aspects and details of the product will now be considered in the design file. The graphic designer will also provide different perspectives of the custom women’s underwear product such as the front view, back view and even side view if necessary.

Like in any other professional manufacturing process, the digital design file is going to be used as your professional tech pack. The tech pack is a professional design file containing all the details and specifications of the product along with the descriptive product illustration. This is the file which will be forwarded to the clothing manufacturers later on once the design is finalized along with other requirements such as materials, sewing techniques and other technicalities.

custom women's underwear in a dresser

Sourcing Materials and Trims for Women’s Underwear

Unlike men’s underwear which normally comes in plain colors and simple designs, custom women’s underwear tends to be playful and design-oriented. You can choose to add laces and ribbons which are very popular trim choices to make your design a bit more attractive. The trims can serve as a selling point of your custom women’s underwear product because if you do not have them then your product can be branded off as a generic product. The trims you use can set your product from the rest of women’s underwear available in the market. Talk to your women’s underwear manufacturer for options and limitations.

When it comes down to materials or fabrics, there is a wide variety you can choose to use for your custom women’s underwear product. There are also various underwear suppliers you can choose from for materials. There are no rules to this as long as you consider the comfort of the wearer. Soft fabrics such as silk is a popular choice for women’s underwear. However, the crotch lining or gusset of the underwear must be made out of cotton due to its breathability factor. Another factor to consider when choosing fabric is the elasticity of the material. Depending on your product type, some products require elasticity to allow the wearer to move freely with the underwear on. In recent years, a focus more towards comfortable underwear could be observed, which often means to use less synthetic fibres.

sample of purchased custom women's underwear

Product Packaging for Custom Women’s Underwear

Packaging for underwear has to be discreet. Have a picture of the product on the package but keep the product hidden and private. Underwear is an intimate belonging and it is a joy for the buyer to open the package for herself and see the product firsthand. It is also advisable to not include the face of the model in the package design and only show the product on the crotch or bust area depending on the product type. The reason for this is to put the focus on the custom women’s underwear product and not steal away the attention of the consumer through the model’s looks. Custom product packaging companies can help you to design your very own version. Also here, references or a sketch are very helpful.

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